Why The Eggs?

You may have noticed the abundance of egg-themed imagery around this site by now. And, perhaps you have questions about that. There are a few simple answers to that question if I’m being honest.

The first is that I grew up with chickens, and have them now too. Because of this, for much of the year I have a glut of eggs that are delicious and nutritious, and I can make a myriad of wonderful meals with them. It is a lovely thing to have access to, and I enjoy it greatly.

The second is that, despite the bad press they got for many years, eggs are incredibly healthy! They have incredibly high protein values, are low fat, and yes, whilst they do have cholesterol it is the good kind our body needs to work properly.

The third is that I think the egg is a wonderful symbol of joy and enjoyment. Eating well shouldn’t be a sad thing. Eggs are a simple pleasure and a good choice in most occasions. A medium-boiled egg makes a healthy snack without compromising on taste. You can add them to a number of dishes without worrying that it is becoming unhealthy. It is nearly always a quality decision.

Do you know your egg facts? Here’s five of my favorites.

  1. Eggs contain roughly 9 essential amino acids.
  2. Eggs have 0 carbs and sugars, meaning there is no crash after eating them compared to other foods.
  3. The yolks of eggs naturally contain Vitamin D, an important thing to have plenty of.
  4. They also contain something called Choline, which is important for promoting normal cell activity in the body
  5. Want to peel an egg fast? Blow it out of the shell by making a hole in one end and giving it a good puff!

There’s a lot more fun egg facts out there, but hopefully this makes my point. Eggs are wonderful, and we should all enjoy more of them!