All About Me!

You may be wondering who I am. Fair enough, as all you have to go off of right now is my name, and perhaps my love of egg-related products. So, let’s start from the top.

Hi! My name’s Linda Pearson, and I’m a mother of three who loves to cook and prepare nutritious and wholesome meals for my family and myself. I grew up close to my mother, who instilled into me from a young age the importance of such things, and I have strived to follow her example all my life. Because of this, I have gone into a career of nutrition, becoming an advisor in the field to many people. I am lucky that my work allows me to flex around my family life, as these days my children are 100% my priority, but I still want to be able to help people with what I do.

I am a big believer in making everything from scratch. As a child we had our own chickens, and my family would make our own bread and pasta. Still, I know this isn’t possible for everyone out there, so I try to make recipes that can accommodate to all lifestyles. Not everyone has time to do everything this way, and modern food methods have improved a lot from when I was a child. Still, if you can make things yourself, I implore you to try. They come out so much tastier, as well as better for you!

Which leads onto why I named the site what I did. My goal is always to make a meal that is yummy. Nutrition is important of course, but I know a lot of people won’t want to eat something bland. This isn’t a difficult thing to do, but a lot of people think it is. Hence, Linda’s Yummies.

So join me as we go on this journey together, making good food and making ourselves happier!