Shark Brand Sriracha Chili Sauce

shark brand sriracha chili sauce

Sriracha, let’s discuss one of our favorite hot sauces. Sriracha is, fair to say, the most popular Asian chili sauce. How much do you know about the origins of this sauce? Depending on which brand and what the manufacturer stamps on the bottle, Sriracha could be made in Vietnam, China, or the U.S. Let’s try a seaside town called Sri Racha on the east coast of Thailand – the origin of Sriacha chili sauce. If you were to ask me, my favorite is the Shark Brand of Sriracha made in Thailand. In my opinion, Shark Brand has the perfect balance of hot and sour with a hint of sweetness.

I recommend you give this brand a try. Make sure you read the label to determine medium heat or hot. You can purchase the Shark Brand at many of the Asian markets. To purchase the Sriracha chili sauce online – check!

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