Pat’s Succulent Ribs (written by Pat)

I love to grill. I love to eat. This is a man’s recipe so it’s very open to adjustments to fit personal taste buds.

I learned how to make succulent tasting ribs that fall off the bone from my Mom. Made a few minor adjustments but the concept is the same. There are thousands of ways to grill ribs, and there tons of professionals that will read this and say what a tool. I am not a professional… I don’t have a freaking smoker and can’t get logs of mesquite or hickory wood. What I do have is a grill (gas) and an oven. Which is all you need if you want succulent ribs that fall apart in your mouth.

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baby back pork ribs

serves 4

ribs I use baby back pork ribs. Get enough for yourself and your friends. Make sure you tell the butcher they have to be succulent. He will know what you’re talking about.
seasoning I use grill master (fine powder). You can make up your own too.
bbq sauce Make your own or buy it. Keep in mind when you buy it, they all have the same basic ingredients so no real need to spend a lot of money.
LOVE The most important ingredient. Love for your friends/family and love for the grill. If you don’t have this ingredient, let someone else grill.
napkins To wipe your mouth.


1. Clean the ribs. If they are in a vacuum sealed bag and you open the bag it may smell like fart. This is normal believe it or not. Just wash it and the smell will go away. If it doesn’t… better check yourself.

2. Peel the thin skin off the back. Don’t cut the fat off, it will melt off in the oven. If you leave the skin on, the meat will be harder to eat.

3. Dry the meat and season.

4. Wrap in tin foil. Make sure you wrap it lightly and place on a baking sheet because those ribs are going to get really juicy and you need space for the juice in case they overflow the foil.

5. Bake about 3 hours at 250 degrees. Time varies depending on your oven and the amount you are cooking. Basically you want them to be cooked completely.

6. Unwrap. Grease the grate on your grill. And GRILL on medium-high direct heat while brushing BBQ sauce.

7. Grill until the outside is crispy.

8. Serve with a smile.

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