Johnnie Walker Black Label and Root Beer

If you like whiskey and Coke, you’ll probably enjoy Johnnie Walker Black Label and Root Beer as well. Even if you’re not crazy about root beer – I’d still recommend giving this drink a shot – at least! The whiskey/root beer blend, in my opinion, is a perfect concoction; although, I know several people who simply don’t care for the nameless drink. Black and root beer is great during the Summer (root beer) and certainly appropriate for the Winter months(Black Label). A good Boston drink.

For obvious reasons, I’m not gonna follow Linda’s recipe format – so, let’s begin!

Start with your favorite rock glass (if during the Summer – try freezing glass beforehand) and fill with ice. Pour one part Johnnie Walker Black Label then one part root beer. That’s it! I prefer A&W Root Beer as I feel A&W has more carbonation/foam. If you like, feel free to stir after pouring; however, I don’t feel it’s necessary. Try experimenting with different root beers and whiskeys (maybe vanilla ice cream too?), but be sure to comment below! Hope you enjoy and please drink responsibly.

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johnnie walker black label and root beer

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